What are fellow Safety Alumni up to since they have graduated from Keene State?

Take a look for yourself…


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  1. Since graduating in 2005 I have been on the move, and it’s been a blast. I originally started my career with Fluor working at a semi-conductor manufacturing plant in Burlington VT. It was a make break situation for me seeing as it was a startup project and my nearest help was my corporate manager in Greenville SC. Spent some time there and was transferred to a DuPont chemical plant in upstate Delaware. I will have to say that chemical plants and I do not go well together. I am glad I got to work there as it taught me what industries I didn’t really want to ever work in. In 2007 I left Fluor and went on to work for The Shaw Group in Newberg MD completing a FGD (fuel gas desulfurization) for the fossil plant there on the Potomac River. Now working in the construction side of our industry I feel in love with the quick pace and never being stagnant. Finished that project and was moved to Columbia SC to work on one of the first two nuclear plants to be built in over 30 yrs. I am quickly going on six years that I have been at my current jobsite and it’s been an amazing opportunity. In 2013 CBI (Chicago Bridge and Iron) bought out The Shaw Group and took control of the new nuclear construction. I love being a part of history in the making, I had the opportunity to work a refueling outage at the active plant in 2011 then go back last year in 2014 to complete South Carolina Electric and Gas’s ISFSI dry cask storage project (Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation) which is where they will store all the spent fuel rods since we as a country have no place to store our spent nuclear fuel rods. This November I’ll have been here for 6 years and our project is steadily growing, we currently have 3081 employees’ onsite and adding more every day. I feel I am blessed to be in the safety field as it has opened the world to me in such a short time. I get to work with and meeting people from all around the country and world every day. Being able to think on my feet and problem solve for the betterment of our employees is something I have grown to love.
    Keene State was my choice for school because I played soccer there. regardless of why I chose to attend KSC I have been able to excel more than I had ever dreamed up. I truly love how much our program has grown since I graduated. It is a true showing of the love that our professors have for the students and our chosen field. I have encountered KSC safety graduates from as far away as Orlando, FL who now work for the Disney theme parks. I only wish I had the time to come back to KSC and complete my masters where I started.
    I only hope that our field and the program at KSC never stop growing.

  2. Hi Keene State Safety Students! I am an alumni of the safety program (as of 2015) and I was able to get an awesome job right after graduation! My boss has had great succeess with hiring Keene State students who graduate from this program and is currently looking to hire someone in the NJ area. If you or someone you know is interested in loss control and lives or is willing to relocate to NJ AND is graduating soon I encourage you to apply. This is a great job with great benefits and I would love to tell you more about it. Feel free to e-mail me for more information.

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