Executive Board

Mason Robbins


Position: President

Class: Senior

Hometown: Nashua, NH

Description: My passion for Safety only increases as I continue my education and network with other professionals in safety related fields.  I have been re-elected to serve as president for ’16-’17 academic year.  Before being elected president I served on the KSC ASSE Student Section as the Co-Public Relations Officer. I have had the exciting privilege to work on executive boards and with general members to accomplish many goals; including hosting an annual Professional Development Conference at Keene State College. Personal accomplishments include being inducted to the National Safety Studies Honor Society, Rho Sigma Kappa of the Gamma Chapter, attending the National ASSE Safety conference in both 2015 in Dallas, Texas and 2016 in Atlanata Georgia. I continue to work and gain experience as a practicing safety professional at the Hanscom Air Force Base. Working in the base safety office where I assist/handle record keeping tasks, process mishap reports, perform annual/spot inspections, and conduct research for trend analysis projects tasked to me by senior leadership to ensure the safety of all on base.



Position: Vice President

Class: Senior

Hometown: Shelton, CT

Description: I am a junior majoring in Occupational Health and Safety. My path to finding safety started growing up with a mom who had an ergonomic injury at work. I knew I wanted to help people, and make their lives better. When I viewed Keene State College on a tour as a senior in high school, I decided safety was the right path for me. Ever since my first day on campus I have grown so much in the program, learning and networking with so many professionals and colleagues in the safety field. This past summer I worked as an Ergonomic Safety Intern at Sikorsky Aircraft Company. I was able to prevent injuries for the future of the company by completing ergonomic risk assessments and actively reducing hazards on the shop floors. It was rewarding to me to know that after working one on one with employees, I had helped so many people have a voice in their company, and keep them safe.



Position: Treasurer

Class: Senior

Hometown: Keene, NH

Description: My name is Sawyer Gunnell and I am the new Treasurer for the KSC ASSE Student Section. I grew up here in Keene and decided to continue my education here. I think my passion for safety has always been in me. Growing up I’ve always been careful, watched out for others, had reasonably good judgment, and was always attentive to ensuring things were completed step by step. I work at the Subaru dealership in Keene and love it. I will be entering my Senior year at Keene State College in the Occupational Safety and Health Applied Sciences major. I have had the amazing pleasure of attending the National ASSE Safety Conference, “Safety 2015” in Dallas, TX. I am also extremely excited to attend this year’s National ASSE Safety Conference, “Safety 2016” in Atlanta, GA. The information I have received and continue to learn is a vast wealth of knowledge that I’m forever grateful for.



Position: Secretary

Class: Senior

Hometown: Providence, RI

Description:  My name is Derrick Polseno Jr. and I am currently a senior at Keene State College majoring in Safety and Occupational Health. In the fall of 2014 I decided to further my education by transferring out of Community College and enter into the safety program at Keene State College. Growing up in Rhode Island I worked a variety of different jobs, however, all of these jobs consisted of manual labor and that’s how I was introduced to safety. This past summer I was fortunate enough to attend the National ASSE Conference in Atlanta, GA “Safety 2016”. This year I am serving the ASSE Student Section as the secretary and plan to contribute towards leading the membership through another successful year. I am planning on graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Safety and Occupational Health in the spring of 2017, and then plan on perusing a career in the construction industry.



Position: Organizational Liaison

Class: Senior

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Description:  I am starting my senior year in the fall semester of 2016 majoring in Safety and Occupational Health. I transferred to Keene State College in Fall 2015 specifically for the safety program. I have extensive experience working manual labor jobs in many fields from landscaping, construction, and marine mechanics. Out of this I have experienced firsthand what it is like to not only get injured yourself on the job, but watch your co-workers and family members get injured as well. This only fuels my passion to do everything that I can to protect workers in my safety career. I am planning to graduate Keene State with my Bachelors in Safety and Occupational Health and from there continue my education at Keene State and pursue my Master’s degree in Safety and Occupational Health.



Position: Newsletter Coordinator

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Chester, NH

Description:  I am an Occupational Health and Safety Applied Sciences major and an Environmental Studies minor. I am going to Keene State College specifically for the exemplary Safety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences program. In my past employments and with my peers I have found myself constantly informing my colleagues on any of their actions that I deemed to be unsafe in nature and I figured it would be an excellent career choice for me. Safety is not just a career choice for me but, also a passion. During my tenure at Keene State College, I have served on the fundraising committee and professional development for our ASSE student section. I am now the Newsletter Coordinator, tasked with writing a monthly newsletter recapping the achievements of our student section, as well as our future events. I am also a member of Rho Sigma Kappa, the safety honor society. I enjoy attending Professional Development Conferences so I can network with professionals and learn invaluable information from guest speakers from their experiences in the field. I am pleased too serve as the Newsletter Coordinator and I am glad I am a part of our ASSE student section.



Position:  Outreach Coordinator

Class: Senior

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Description: I am an Occupational Health and Safety Applied Sciences major with a specialty in construction based safety. Besides being involved with ASSE I am also on the Ice Hockey team here at Keene State College. I came into Keene State intending to make sure that everyone goes home at the end of the work day to their families. Safety is a passion that is instilled within three generations of my family. My great uncle Tom was the acting president of ASSE in 1984 and was also one of the first tested for a CSP certification (certified safety professional). My father, Jim Goss is a nationally recognized safety professional and has been in the industry for 30 years after getting his start in the U.S. Army. I have been interning at LPCiminelli Inc. in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. My first summer i worked at the Buffalo-High Tech Manufacturing Hub (88 acres/1.2 million sq. ft.), which is a research and solar panel factory owned by the State University of New York’s Polytechnic Institute. The facility will be the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere with more than 1 gigawatt of annual solar capacity when it reaches full production. My second summer with LPCiminelli i was at the University at Buffalo’s medical campus. The UB medical building was a state of the art $52 million dollar project, within the Buffalo medical corridor. I plan on continuing my education onto my masters here at Keene State following graduation.



Position: “PDC” Chair

Class: Junior

Hometown: Guilford, CT

Description: My name is Ben Weidman and I am the Professional Development Confernce Chair for the KSC ASSE Student Section. Summer of 2015 I interned at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Wallingford, CT and Summer of 2016 I interned at Travelers in Hartford, CT. This Fall at KSC I will be entering my Junior year in the Safety and Occupational Health Applied Science program. I have previously served as the Vice President of the ASSE Student Section.  I hope to continue improving personal skills while positively contributing to the organization, I am also involved in other activities on campus. I will be the student president of Habitat for Humanity and I have been accepted for the second year to be an Alternative Break Leader. I am looking forward to a great 2016- 2017 year at Keene State College.