Professional Development Skills


Is a consolidated document that is always a work in progress that highlights the key reasons that make your qualifications more distinct from others. It should be roughly only a page in length that has clear organization and utilizes strong power words for maximum effectiveness. Hiring manager usually will take about 20-30 seconds to review resumes of potentials candidates. You should always make sure to tailor your resume around the job description you are applying for. Below are tips on content that should be included in your resume.


Content You Should Have:                                                  Additional Content You Could Include:

—Your Contact Information Section                                               Campus Involvement

—Education Section                                                                            Awards and Honors

—Relevant Coursework Section                                                       Certifications

—Work Experience Section                                                               Professional Associations


Here are a couple of links to supplemental material from Academic Career Advising (ACA) at Keene State College.

Resume Guide

Example Safety Resume

Interviewing skills

When asked questions be relaxed but, confident in your answers. Always make sure to do a little bit of leg work to have a background understanding about the potential employer.

Some example questions include:

  • What does the company do
  • who/how were they founded
  • what is the company’s mission statement

References (from Dave Crowley):

Article 1

Article 2


Elevator Speech

This is the nickname given to a brief introductory statement that one should be prepared to delivery to another professional, colleague, or potential employer. This brief statement should include information about what you are doing currently and what you hope to do in the near future.


My name is _____, I am a junior at Keene State College studying Safety & Occupational Health Applied Science. I currently have an internship with _____. I do (example of a task that you do at your internship)


My name is _____, I am a sophomore at Keene State College studying Safety & Occupational Applied Science. I do not have a specific field of interest in safety but, am looking for an internship to gain experience in the field to better help me determine what I would like to do upon graduating.


Business Cards

Other Tips